The Myth

The Myth

The Legend Comes To Life

On Jaffa’s stunning shoreline, overlooking one of the world’s most ancient seaports, a new chapter is being written in the story of Andromeda Hill, which began long ago in Greek mythology. According to legend, the beautiful Andromeda , daughter of King cepheus, was chained on the very rock close to Jaffa’s coastline. As the princess awaited her fate at the hands of a sea monster, she was freed from her bonds by Perseus, son of Zeus. The heroic Perseus fell in love with Andromeda and ultimately became her husband.

A woman looking at the sea

The Andromeda Reborn project reflects the captivating beauty of its legendary namesake.The newest phase of this prestigious residential complex is being built in Old Jaffa’s most spectacular location – on a sandstone cliff some 26 meters above the sea, across from Andromeda’s Rock and Jaffa,s ancient fishing port. Close by, the picturesque Ajami neighbourhood, a 19th century synagogue, and a captivating skyline, dotted with the minarets of mosques alongside church bell towers,evoke the enchanting atmosphere of this scenic setting. A place where legends are born.

Drawing history
Perseus and Andromeda.Bernard Picart, 1731