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Carasso Real Estate Ltd. is an entrepreneurial company that consolidates all the real estate activities of the Carasso Group.The company has been in business for more than 85years, and today is hailed as one of the most stable and best-established companies in the Israeli market, specialising in Israel’s foremost real estate fields, including residential, commercial, and
office building, as well as hi-tech facilities.

Established in 1933 by Moshe Carasso, the Carasso Group has played a leading role in building Israel over the decades, as is evident from its extensive, diverse investments and business operations. Under the Carasso family’s leadership, the Group has expanded its activities, gaining considerable experience and assets over time. All of this has contributed to Carasso Real Estate’s financial stability, enabling it to engage in a wide variety of prestigious real estate ventures.

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Zemach Hammerman

Zemach Hammerman Ltd. is one of the most highly-regarded name is Israeli real estate. Publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, it is primarily engaged in the development and construction of large office and commercial projects, as well as other projects for leading Israeli companies on a turnkey basis. The company’s entrepreneurial activities focus on residential, hi-tech, commercial, office, and industrial projects, while its contracting-construction activities foreground advanced building methods and special projects.


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S.Vlodinger Real Estate

was founded by entrepreneur Samuel Vlodinger for the purpose of developing and investing in Israeli real estate. Vlodinger is active in industry investments by way of a private investment company that specialises in raising the value of kibbutz sector companies. He also serves as chairman of the public companies Ginegar Plastic Products and Raval ACS. From 2009-2016, Vlodinger acted as senior partner of a leading private equity fund, and recently, in addition to investments in real estate development, he initiated and established an investment fund for small and medium-sized businesses.