Life Begins in a new luxurious condominium,
on the Andromeda hill of old Jaffa.
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A woman in gold
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An artistic video showing a young girl in the form of Andromeda coming out of the sea and dancing in the streets of Jaffa, when she finally finds herself waking up in the new Andromeda Riboro complex and ascending a slide - life begins in Old Jaffa, Andromeda Riborn

Necklaces and bracelets
Fire oven

Life Begins with the sights, sound and smells of the
colorful streets in the old city of Jaffa.
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Life Begins when you can enjoy the exciting nightlife
of Tel Aviv and return to the windy hill of Andromeda
and enjoy a perfect view of the city.
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Andromeda Project
A view of a seating area
Building lobby

Life begins when you are in love with the most beautiful
place in the world, and it's your home.
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apartment living room